Kokua Relief Merchandise Kit FAQ

What comes in a Kokua Relief Merchandise Kit?

These merchandise kits come with 24 Unisex Shirts (3 small, 4 medium, 7 large, 7 XL, 3 XXL), 24 Coozies and 24 Stickers.

I am a brewery and want to help, how does this all work?

It’s simple.  Purchase as many packages as you think you will need and then resell them to your customers for the same $35 price you paid per kit.  Since the donation is collected up front in the form of all the net proceeds, it will not cost your brewery anything – but you will be playing a tremendous role in collecting funds.

How does the donation part of this work and where does the money go?

Each kit is sold to a brewery at the retail price of $35.  This works as a pre-collection of the donation.  The net proceeds of each kit (approximately $27 in profit per kit) will be collected and a lump sum will be presented to Maui Brewing Co. Fire Fund to distribute to the charities on the island that are most in need.  An announcement will be made via Maui Brewing Company and on this website with the total donation and where it goes.

Do I need to send money back to you once I sell the items in my Kit

NO – Whatever you sell the items for is your money to keep. The money that you spend upfront to receive the kit is what we’ll use to send to the agreed upon organizations associated with the Kokua Project.

Do I get a tax write off for the purchase of the kits?

We advise you to check with your tax accountant, but in general the answer is no, since the market price of the kit is equal to the purchase price.

Is any money being made off of this by the facilitators of the program (Maui Brewing Company & Brewery Branding Co.)?

Absolutely not.  All net proceeds will go directly to the island charities that need it most via the Maui Brewing Co. Fire Fund

Do I have to resell the kits?  Can I gift the shirts to outfit my staff for the beer release?

You can sell or gift the kits, but please do not resell higher than what you paid and collect any profit.

Can I just buy a single shirt, coozie or sticker?

If you are a brewery, we have all of the kits pre-packaged with set sizes and an equal amount of shirts, coozies and stickers.  You will need to order by the number of packages you want.  If you are an individual purchaser, these single kits will soon be available for purchase on the Maui Brewing Company webstore.

When will I receive my packages?

We will begin shipping on 9/12/23. Tracking will be sent to the email address entered at checkout once the kits are ready to ship.

Is there a place I can donate money without receiving merchandise?

You can visit Maui Brewing Co. Fire Fund to donate the amount of your choice.